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Jailed Students Face Possible Conviction


Yesterday, 1st of december of 2012, around 12:47 PM, a group of students from the School of Dramatic Literature and Theatre from the Faculty of Philosophy and Literature of the National Autonomous University of Mexico were surrounded with violence in the street Filomento Mata by around 100 policemen from the Government of the Federal District.

The group of students were protesting in a peaceful and artistic way, in full accordance of their rights of free speech against the sworn in for Enrique Peña Nieto as Head of the State. Later on, around 1:34 PM, the students were lifted into a police car, where they were detained for more than an hour and were taken to the Attorney General Agency number 50 in street Balderas.

Once in there, they were splitted between men and women, cutting all communications from the men. All this acts were revealed thanks to the student Daniela Ríos who was able to hide between her clothes a cellphone from where she kept updating info in her Facebook account and kept in touch with colleagues from outside who, in the meantime, were elaborating the lists of the arrested and were informing their families.

When the family members of the detained arrived at the PM Agency they were surrounded and incited with provocations. Later, around 10 PM, the time when they were allowed to see the detained, they were informed that the students were accused of:

Attacks against the public peace and against the Nation, this last one doesn’t permit bail and its punishment could reach 5 to 30 years of jail. At 10:40 PM they were granted to speak with lawyers.

At this moment (19:00), the Agency is being surrounded by police force and nobody have access to it. Also, there is uncertainty between the parents of the detained because the proceedings of the case are very unclear: it is unknown whether if it will be presented as a unique case or one each individually. The only certainty we have is that if failure of acceptance of the evidence of a peaceful demonstration, the students are going to be submitted to prison after 48 hours of being detained.

The community from the School of Theatre of the National Autonomous University of Mexico, as the authorities from it are already acting with the support of their students and colleagues.

For us, colleagues and professors, we find evident that the students were doing a peaceful and artistic demonstration based on their inalienable right of free speech and creative spirit that had learned in the classrooms of the University. Also, we want to declare our total and absolute repudiation to the means and to the ways the students were detained and are still kept from their freedom: the abuse of power and the use of the application of the law with dishonesty are far from the right way of implementing justice in a sovereign State. Also, it is evident that these acts were done with the only purpose of filling a quota imposed to the police enforcement, and this violate the established rights of our Constitution.

It is amusing and shameful that a government, local or federal, maintain and submit under detention young students; and worst that they get labeled as ‘criminals’. This act means an act of intimidation or a crude imbecility, that the responsible citizens, starting with us the professors and the artistic community cannot tolerate or stop denouncing it under any circumstance. Thus, we demand the immediate freedom of the whom we added their name and number, as also any other student that we don’t know about its whereabouts:

Monica Paloma Alvarado 310096823
Daniela Sánchez Ríos 310198068
Valentina Guerrero 310010982
Fernanda Preciado Castillo 107003005
Guadalupe Castillo Martinez (Fernanda’s Mother)
Carolina Gallegos Colmenares 310066415
Gisella Moreno Mejía 310233567
Enrique Culebro.
Francisco Torres Pacheco 310134457
Luis Manuel Salazar Hernández 408093664
Mariana Muñiz Nieto
Gustavo Arteaga Ramírez


Students and professors from the School of Theatre from the Faculty of Philosophy and Literature from the National Autonomous University of Mexico

Responsible of the Publication: Profesor Rubén Ortiz

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